Open Mapping

Mecklenburg County GIS, North Carolina


Mecklenburg County believes in the ingenuity of its citizens and the power of open data and open source software to bring that ingenuity to life. Opening public data and releasing open source software enhances government transparency and encourages public participation and collaboration.

We hope you use our data and software to create innovative products and applications.

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Open data has four key attributes:

  • The data is accessible to everyone.
  • The data is available in open, non-proprietary formats.
  • You have the right to redistribute the data.
  • You have the right to modify and make derivative data and works.

Grab some open data and start hacking today!

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Mecklenburg County GIS believes in the power of open source software to achieve reliable, flexible, high-performance, and cost effective solutions. Not only do we use open source software, we create and release open source software to help other individuals and organizations and to ensure transparency and trust in government.

Patches are always welcome!

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